“Jbay is one of those events you dream of being involved with as a surfer. It has the history, the prestige, and a fast lining wall of fun which every surfer wants to get a piece of. I was lucky enough to combine a trip to South Africa this year with some work with pro surfers contesting the event and be involved with the medical team there also.

It has become possibly the most famous surfing event in history after the unforgettable encounter Mick had with a great white shark in the final. It will always be one of my favourite events and I can’t wait to get back there to surf, work or just holiday. A big shout out to Chiro Jason Gilbert, a veteran therapist from the tour for being a legend to hang out with and show me the ins and outs of the workings behind WSL.

If you have not been to South Africa and Jbay, get looking at flights. It is a must do trip!!”