Work Cover Physio Eastern Suburbs


We work with you to identify and achieve your health and therapy goals during your work cover/compensation injury claim. Together we will create a treatment plan that can include physiotherapy, exercise physiology and massage all under the one roof.


Core control

Core control

Glute bridges

Correct lifting technique (hip hinge squat)

Physiotherapy & Exercise Therapy

We will tailor a program specifically to your goals, which may include:

• Strength training
• Conditioning
• Balance training
• Hands-on therapy (massage, joint mobilisation, dry needling)
• Equipment prescription and advice
• Occupational advice and education
Goal setting and more.

What to expect

  1. Initial consultation – Goal setting, strength and mobility assessments in order to determine your baseline and continuously monitor progress & show improvements over time, developing a treatment plan.
  2. Ongoing therapy – We will recommend the frequency of physiotherapy and/or exercise physiology sessions based on your goals, level of funding and to produce the biggest health improvements.
  3. Invoicing – We will invoice your insurer directly, so you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses.
  4. Reports – Your therapist will write regular reports to your GP and insurance company to help you secure ongoing treatment.
  5. Family – At Advanz Health, we consider all of our clients our family. You will be joining a nurturing community of therapists who are dedicated to empowering you to achieve unbelievable health outcomes.

What can physiotherapy and exercise physiology help with?

• Being able to participate in sports, jobs and activities
• Choosing and organising equipment to assist mobility
• Teaching you how to use equipment or supports
• Managing pain and chronic conditions
• Helping you achieve your work goals
• Creating better strategies for daily tasks like cleaning, showering, dressing or eating
• Setting goals and helping you stay positive and motivated
• Bracing and splinting
• One-to-one exercise programs in the gym or on our Clinical Pilates equipment
• Managing stress and improving wellbeing

Making an appointment for physiotherapy through Work Cover & Workers Compensation

Our worker cover physiology & therapy services are available at our Waverley and Maroubra locations.

The easiest way to book your initial assessment is through our Online Booking platform (select “Work Cover Initial Physiotherapy”). You can also give us a call today on (02) 80687161 our team will help you choose the right therapist for your goals. You will need to have a claim number prior to commencing treatment (given to you by your GP or insurer).