Our team of Physiotherapists, Pilates instructors, Massage therapists, Sports Physicians and Dieticians are extremely experienced, passionate and motivated. This creates a fantastic environment to recover from an injury or enhance performance.



MARK MITCHELL, Director & Physiotherapist

Mark (co-founder of Advanz) is a highly experienced physiotherapist who has also completed a Masters in Exercise Science (strength and conditioning).

Specialty areas:
– Knee reconditioning
– Complex/chronic conditions (where everything else has failed)
– Surfing injures and performance

Additional training:
– Strength + conditioning Masters
– Connect Therapy
– Dry-needling/acupuncture
– Sports physio
– Pelvis & spine
– The rib cage
– Knee reconditioning

Sport-physio experience:
– World Surf League
– PGA Tour Golf
– Surf ironman/women
– Elite swimming & cricket
– Waratah’s Rugby
– Waverley College Rugby
– St Cath’s Elite Athlete Program

Mark is also a passionate surfer, golfer and family man.

CAELUM TROTT, Director & Physiotherapist

Caelum (co-founder of Advanz) is a physio with a special interest in neck pain. Known as “The Neckspert”, he is the author of the book, NECK PAIN SUCKS – The 5-step approach to solving your neck pain, as well as academic research on neck pain.

Specialty areas:
– Neck pain
– Spine conditions
– Headaches
– Shoulder injuries

Additional training:
– Connect Therapy
– Dry-needling/acupuncture
– Sports physio
– Pelvis & spine
– The thoracic/rib cage

Sport-physio experience:
– Sydney Swans Academy
– Waratah’s Rugby
– Waverley College Rugby
– St Caths Elite Program
– Aussie Mens Waterpolo

– Sydney International Rowing Regatta
– City to Surf
– Balmain Dockers AFL
Academic awards:
– University Medal
– Dean’s Scholar Award
– First Class Honours
– Medical journal publication
Caelum’s passions are surfing, music, travel and family time with his wife (Michaela) and son (Leo).

EWEN JOHNSON, Senior physiotherapist & educator

Ewen is both a senior physiotherapist and an exercise & sport scientist. He is also a clinical educator at Advanz.

Specialty areas:
– Knee rehabilitation (ACL)
– Low back pain & sciatica
– Sports injuries (especially golf, rugby & cricket)
– Acute neck pain

– Sports level 1
– Dry needling (acupuncture)
– Concussions
– McGill back pain
– Pelvis & spine treatment

Sports physio experience:
– Waverley College Rugby
– Roger Fabri speed academy
– McArthur Rams

Ewen’s passions include enjoying time around friends, renovating his home and playing/watching sport (especially golf, cricket and rugby).

CIBELE PINHEIRO, Physiotherapist

Cibele is a physio with a special interest in spinal pain and correcting movement through Pilates and Yoga.

Specialty areas:
– Spine pain/injuries
– Post surgery rehab
– Shoulder injuries
– Chronic pain
– Yoga/surfing injuries

Additional training:
– Connect Therapy (whole body approach)
– Dry-needling/acupuncture
– Clinical Pilates
– Pelvis & spine course
– The thoracic/rib cage
– DNS (movement programming)

Cibele loves the beach, surfing, yoga and hot weather (Brazilian blood!).

SARAH FENSOM, Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist

Sarah is both a physiotherapist (masters degree) & an accredited exercise physiologist.

Specialty areas:
– Lower limb injuries (hip/knee/ankle)
– Shoulders
– Netball/water polo injury rehab
– Exercise rehabilitation (gym & Pilates)

Sports physio (team/event) experience:
– St Caths elite athlete program
– Waverley College
– Netball State Champs

Sarah is also a published author on research in exercise programs for children with intellectual disabilities.

As she was raised on a farm in central NSW, she has always lead an active lifestyle, and looks forward to sharing her love of movement with you!

LUCY DOWNEY, Physiotherapist & Women’s Health Physio

Lucy is a physio specialising in both women’s health conditions & sports/life injuries.

Women’s health expertise:
– Pre & post-partum checks
– Pelvic floor assessments
– Pelvic girdle pain
– Incontinence
– Post-pregnancy return to exercise
– Clinical Pilates

Sports/workplace injury expertise:
– Lower limb injuries (knee/hip/ankle)
– Spinal pain

– Dry needling (acupuncture)
– Women’s health
– Sports level 1&2

In the past, Lucy has played netball, water polo, touch football and basketball, and more recently has taken a keen interest in running completing her first half marathon. When not in the clinic, Lucy enjoys being at the beach, checking out Sydney’s foodie scene and travelling to new places.

KIERAN TATE, Physiotherapist

Kieran has both Masters of Physiotherapy and Sports & Exercises Science degrees. He is also an elite cricketer & triathlete.

Specialty areas:
– Shoulder & lower limb injuries (hip/knee/ankle)
– Running, cycling & swimming
– Cricket & rugby
– Workplace injuries

– Bike-fit
– Sports level 1 & 2
– Running & swimming assessments

Sports physio experience:
– Sydney University Women’s Football
– Sydney University Men’s Rugby League
– Waverley College Rugby

Outside of clinic hours, Kieran plays 1st grade cricket for Sydney University in the Summer, and trains for triathlons come winter. Kieran grew up playing a range of other sports including rugby, AFL and soccer.

LENA THIVEOS, Physiotherapist & Researcher

Lena is both a physiotherapist and an academic researcher at Macquarie University (back pain research).

Specialty areas:
– Back pain
– Lower limb injuries (hip/knee ankle)
– Chronic pain
– Pilates

– Cognitive Functional Therapy
– Pain science
– Pilates
– Exercise and movement retraining

When Lena is not working she can be found hanging out at Tamarama beach or exploring local parks and cafés with her rescue Staffy, Bailey.

LAUREN TYBEREK, Physiotherapist

Lauren is an experienced physiotherapist and clinical Pilates instructor.

Specialty areas:
– Spinal pain
– Clinical Pilates
– Women’s health checks (pelvic floor assessment with ultrasound, safe return to exercise post-pregnancy)

Lauren has helped numerous elite sports people including professional tennis players, golfers, rowers and soccer players.

She has a passion of helping adolescents manage their sporting injuries and guiding them through their return to exercise.

In Laurens spare time she loves to crochet miniature versions of people’s dogs and explore her city.

JAMES BASSIL,  Physiotherapist & Paediatric (kids) Physio

James is a physio specialising in both paediatrics (kids) & adults sports/work conditions.

Paediatric expertise:
– Certified DMI therapist
– Neurological conditions
– Developmental delay & coordination disorders
– Autism spectrum disorder & ADHD
– Cerebral palsy
– Post surgical

Adult sports injury experience:
– The Maroubra Saints AFL club
– St George FC
– Mosman & Randwick Botany athletics clubs

James was an elite triple jumper, narrowly missing out on the Commonwealth Games.

DANIEL ANDREWS,  Physiotherapist

Dan is a physiotherapist with a special interest in sports injuries.

Specialty areas:
– Lower limb injuries (hip, knee, ankle)
– Shoulders
– Field sport injuries (football/soccer/netball)

– Level 1 Sports Trainer
– 4D Physiotherapy Method
– Pilates Instructor

Sport Physio experience:
– Maroubra Saints junior AFL club
– UNSW Women’s soccer

Outside of work, Dan enjoys running and gym training. He is also an elite rugby union referee.

LEWIS HUNTER,  Physiotherapist

Lewis is a physiotherapist focussing on the lower limb & spine.

Specialty Areas:
– Lower back and neck pain (including headaches)
– Knee and ankle injuries
– Chronic tendinitis

– Advanced Dry Needling
– Sport & Exercise Science + Level 1 Sports Trainer
– APA Spinal Physiotherapy
– APA Sports Physiotherapy
– Graduate Diploma of Psychology (ongoing)

Outside of physiotherapy, Lewis works as a Firefighter, surfs, and trains for endurance events. He’s passionate about helping his patients exceed their own expectations.


NATHAN GIBBS, Sports Physician

Dr Nathan Gibbs is a former professional rugby league football player who studied medicine and with his interest in sport became a specialist sports medicine physician. In fact he was a foundation member of the college of sports physicians and an inaugural fellow of the college.

His specialty is treating and managing musculoskeletal and traumatic sports injuries both acute and chronic in nature. He has worked with elite professional sports teams all his life and has a keen interest in innovative treatments to hasten recovery and get the athlete back to exercise and sport as quickly and safely as possible. He has a keen interest in MRI scanning for accurate diagnosis and follow up management of injuries. He has many published papers the most recent in 2017 analysing concussion injuries in professional AFL players over a 14 year period. He has the honour of being a life member at both a professional NRL and AFL club. He is currently head team doctor for the Australian Wallabies Rugby team.


REECE HOLLAND, Massage Therapist & Exercise Scientist

Reece is a highly regarded massage therapist who has also completed a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science and is currently studying a Masters in Physiotherapy.

Specialty areas:
– Headaches
– Back/neck/shoulder pain
– Concussion/dizziness

– Craniosacral therapy
– Dry needling (acupuncture)
– Trigger point
– Deep tissue sports massage
– Myofascial release
– Neuromeningeal manipulation

Sports massage experience:
– Davis Cup Tennis
– Sydney Roosters

Reece’s life revolves around a variety of sports in particular football, tennis, golf and surf lifesaving. Reece has been an Australian representative and competed National level in kayaking and Surf Life Saving.

CHRISTIE COOPER, Massage Therapist

Christie holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage and Cert 4 in Aromatherapy and is a highly passionate and professional Remedial Massage Therapist.

Specialty areas:
– Sports
– Remedial
– Relaxation
– Pregnancy Massage

– Myofascial Release
– Trigger Point Release
– Deep Tissue
– Lymphatic Drainage
– Sound and Aromatherapy

Christie believes that a combination of massage, sound and aromatherapy when treating helps to promote relaxation, increase circulation, decrease stress, pain, tension and anxiety – thus, bringing balance back into the mind and body.


ANNIKA WUN, Exercise Physiologist & Exercise & Sport Scientist

Annika completed a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at UNSW. Annika’s goal is to help people with chronic injury or disease to have the freedom to do more.

Specialty areas:
– Chronic back pain
– Knee injuries
– Arthritis & osteoporosis
– Skiing injuries (Annika is also a ski instructor)
– Pilates

Additional skills/experience:
– Cardiac conditions
– Mental health & intellectual disability
– Neurological conditions

Annika’s goal is to help people with chronic injury or disease to have the freedom to do more. She leads an active lifestyle, currently enjoying cycling, Pilates and bouldering. She is also a qualified ski instructor, and has worked in Canada, Japan and Australia.

PAIGE WINDER, Exercise Physiologist & Exercise & Sport Scientist

Paige completed a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at the University of New South Wales.

Specialty areas:
– Sport-specific injury rehab
– Back pain
– Osteoporosis and falls prevention

– Sports and workplace injuries
– Cardio-metabolic
– Neurological
– Intellectual and mental health conditions

Paige is a compassionate Exercise Physiologist who is committed to helping others to prevent and manage chronic disease and injury. Paige believes in healing holistically and uses exercise to empower the individual to achieve autonomy of their health.
In her free time, Paige enjoys being at the beach and spending time with friends.

ALEX DRURY, Exercise Physiologist & Exercise & Sport Scientist

Alex is an accredited Exercise Physiologist, completing his Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) and Masters of Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney.

Specialty areas:
– Strength training
– Sports injuries
– Chronic pain
– Arthritis
– Diabetes
– Mental illness

Growing up playing AFL, basketball and athletics, Alex believes that health and fitness should be an important component of everyone’s lives, no matter their age.
In his free time, Alex enjoys watching sport, going to the beach, and catching up with mates.


MICHAELA JEAN, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc)

Michaela is a Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist with a passion for evidence-based medicine. Her unique sense of empathy and intuition compliment her biochemical knowledge, empowering her to help her patients identify and heal the underlying cause of their state of disease.

With a background in Media and Communications, Michaela came to discover Natural Medicine through her own battles with chronic health issues unresolved by years of seeking help from the conventional medicine system. On a journey to heal herself, she discovered Naturopathy and pursued the long road of scientific and clinical study to allow her to help others resolve complicated answers about their health.

Michaela’s clinical focus is gut health, addressing structural and function imbalances of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and microbiome in the correction of inflammatory multi-systemic imbalances in the body.

Michaela offers biochemical investigations through lab testing and functional pathology to further the efficacy of her comprehensive personalised treatment plans. She prescribes with a mind-body focus featuring Dietary & Lifestyle Interventions complimented by Nutraceutical and Herbal Medicine prescriptions.

Some conditions that Michaela commonly treats includes IBS & other digestive complaints, adrenal dysregulation, irregular menstruation, metabolic disease, anxiety & mood disturbances, chronic fatigue, PMS, acne, hypothyroidism, as well as support through the menopausal transition.









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