Advanz Health specialises in treating back pain. Our Better Backs Program is designed to give you fast relief and long term results for your spine. We use a 5-step approach to a healthy spine, with detailed assessment, accurate diagnosis, scientifically proven treatment techniques and an individualised plan. Our specialised program proves to change the lives of people suffering back pain every day.

STEP 1: Comprehensive Assessment & Accurate Diagnosis
(Week 1: Approx 1-2 sessions)

  • 1 hour one-to-one assessment where your physio will review your history, read any
    reports or imaging, assess your body mechanics, posture and function. Using real-time ultrasound technology, we
    will assess your core muscles. We will also implement early strategies to relieve your back pain.
  • Step 1 is important because your physio needs to know what they are treating. Your back pain is NOT the same as
    the next person and a one size fits all approach does NOT work. Back pain has many causes, and long-term
    outcomes require accurate diagnosis.

STEP 2: Hands-On Treatment & Early Exercise
(Week 2-4: Approx 3-5 sessions)

  • Your physio will apply hands-on treatment targeted at your specific injury to relieve symptoms and improve your
    functional movement.
  • Using specific hands-on treatment techniques (dry needling/acupuncture, massage, joint manipulation) helps change
    injured tissue and restore movement quickly. Specific exercise is an essential part of treatment and recovery and
    improves spinal control.

STEP 3: Functional Movement and Exercise (one-on-one)
(Week 4-5: Approx 2-4 sessions)

  • Your physio will work with you to optimise your strength, movement and function relevant to your daily life & sport of
    choice. Here we change the poor patterns which have caused your injury. This phase is performed one-to-one with
    your physio/movement-specialist and will strengthen and balance your body.
  • Treatment on back pain without specific prescription of exercise is like a bandaid for a broken bone.

STEP 4: Higher Performance Movement & Exercise (Small group classes)
(Week 5-6: 2 classes per week recommended)

  • This stage is optional but highly recommended. It creates permanent changes to strength, control and even brain
    function relating to your body and how it moves.
  • Small group strength classes are an incredibly fun and effective treatment to achieve full body results and decreased
    recurrences of your pain and injury. Much more cost effective sessions that allows more time with your therapist!

STEP 5: Completion

  • This is your reintroduction to full functional activity. In the completion phase, we get you moving & being better than
    your pre-injured self, and your physio will help you return to your activities of choice.
  • You will be given an ongoing program to ensure long-term spinal health, or you may decide to take advantage of our
    partner, E-Lab Training, which is a specialised facility used to maximise body outcomes and avoid returning to poor
    damaging patterns.

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