Eliza Freney brings with her a wealth and breadth of information about eating for our best health outcomes. Eliza has shared with us some interesting FOOD FACTS :-) that may surprise you, or remind you.Quinoa is a seed native to Peru that is naturally gluten free and contains all 8 essential amino acids making it a complete vegetarian protein source. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorous & iron. It can be used as an alternative to grains such as rice and pasta, as well as in salads.
doesn’t taste the same to every individual. It contains a compound that depending on your taste buds will taste bitter to some and tasteless to others. How bizarre!

Try new foods It can take up to 20 exposures to a new food before you acquire a taste for it.
So try, try and try again.

Kids & Taste Infants have around 30,000 taste buds in their mouth. By adulthood these are reduced to about a third and are concentrated mainly on the tongue. The taste of food for kids is seriously amplified, this explains why a lot of baby food is bland & kids should not have added salt or sugar.

are extra sensitive to protein synthesis up to 48 hours post resistance training. Drip-feed muscles with small, more frequent hits of protein to increase muscle volume and strength.

Vegetable spotlight:

Brussels Sprouts- 3 ways

  • Raw and Shaved in a salad for a coleslaw twist
  • Stir-fried with chopped almonds + bacon pieces
  • Roasted with garlic, olive oil. ground cumin and a dash of organic honey

Did you know 70% of people overestimate their daily energy intake?

Want to know how to better plan your daily food?

Are you looking for an edge in your sports performance?