The sprained ankle is possibly the most common sporting injury and most of us have had

at least one in our time. As for most acute injuries we recommend the RICED regime in the initial 48-72 hours post injury.

R – rest

I – ice

C – Compression

E – elevation

D – diagnosis

But what is the most important of these?? It could be that ice is stressed over compression too much. This ankle (the 2 photos) was one from our clinic recently. There was a minimum of ice used due to circumstances, but we were able to get them into a walking boot straight the morning after injury.

The patient who could not walk on a Monday morning (out of the boot) managed to stand for 12 hours per day and work their job both Monday and Tuesday.  By Wednesday they could walk and work out of the boot and the below photos are what their foot looked like.

You will notice that around the ankle where the ruptured ligaments were there is no swelling and most of the bruising is in the toes. The boot and its ability to use air cells to compress the injured site no doubt stopped local bleeding and helped to create a good environment for healing.

We would definitely recommnd wearing a boot to all people who have suffered ankle or foot injuries.