I’d like to share a personal (and collective) success story with you. The recent development of an idea – where we saw a gap, took a risk, reached for the stars and are reaping the rewards.

The reward in this instance is satisfaction. Satisfaction that we are seeing so many personal success stories around us and satisfaction that our instinct was right.

I’m talking about the development of E-Lab Training and our new model of active rehabilitation.

This beginning of the story is frustration. As a Physiotherapist in 2016 we seem to have inherited a treatment model that has developed some frustrating habits. There is no doubt that Physiotherapy and other therapies like ours and chiropractic have evolved and improved over the years thanks to some great minds, further research and an overall will to improve outcomes for patients. Physiotherapy, always being one of the more active approaches to recovery from injury has continued to trend that way. There is still unfortunately a tendency across the modalities to offer passive treatment models which never really see patients achieve appropriate long term outcomes.

Are we stuck on the model of keeping a small amount of clients perpetually re-booking to maintain our profitability as businesses or do we not have the know how to implement a proper rehabilitation plan for our patients?

Either way, too often I am seeing chronic injuries which have achieved poor overall outcomes from other therapists. This of course is not always their fault. They apply good diagnostic skills with early injury intervention and the process starts well. The problem is, and we all know it, that to get best outcomes in the shortest periods, we need to help people move pain free and then monitor this movement in high volume to achieve permanent neuro-muscular change. This is where home exercise programs and advice for outside the clinic fail.

But what is the alternative??… having our clients pay for one on one sessions with us 3-5x a week! This is only possible for a very small subgroup and cannot be expected of our clients.

So, we developed a training facility run by clinical therapists and expert trainers.

Not only have we solved the problem of trainers and gyms reinforcing poor movement and therefore creating permanent damage to our bodies, but we have answered the issue of getting well monitored, controlled and individualised programs in enough volume that we can change bodies and minds. We can change pathological (damaging) movement and allow bodies to heal themselves. This means, that you don’t have to book your weekly physio/chiro session anymore. You can now fix yourself through smart training monitored by your therapist while saving a fortune.

E-Lab is the answer!! The evolution of a new model in treatment and rehabilitation.

The beauty is that because E-Lab is run by expert therapists and trainers we also target fitness goals and body shape like no-one else can. We are breaking down the indoctrination of having to leave training session feeling broken. You should leave sessions feeling taller, more mobile and totally energised,….oh yeah and PAIN FREE!

I love seeing a room where professional athletes are training next to someone recovering from back pain and another young mum getting her fitness back while they all leave knowing they have achieved their intended training goals..

Imagine spending 4-5 hours per week (or more) with your therapist for a fraction of the cost of a normal half hour appointment.

It’s a no brainer..

It’s the Future