The team at Advanz Therapies pride ourselves on offering the most up to date treatment services and information to our clients based on best current clinical research. Possibly the most exciting work being done in the world of therapy at the moment is the work being done by LJ Lee, a Canadian Physiotherapist. Her connect therapy approach to assessment and management of clients injuries in a logical and holistic nature is uniting therapy denominations such as Chiropractics, Physiotherapy, osteopathy, kinesiology and more.

As an open minded therapist, this is extremely refreshing and has been such an exciting 2 year journey so far. I have just completed a 3rd week practicum for the year and will continue to progress my knowledge and the knowledge of our clinic in this area. Connect Therapy and LJ Lee’s approach is a logical approach which as it suggests looks at how the body is connected and treats it as a whole rather than focussing on pain areas only. It takes the blinkers off the therapist and helps to identify “drivers” causing problems in the body. As a therapist it allows us to alleviate pain and aid recovery from injury faster than ever and in my experience with the techniques over the last 2 years, as my knowledge and skills grow, it has allowed us to help clients who have had multiple failed attempts with other therapists and therapies.

You will definitely notice a difference in our approach to your problem if you have been seeing other therapists.

Our ultimate goal is to empower clients to understand and self manage there bodies for better health and wellbeing throughout their lives.

Article Written by Mark Mitchell