Are you pregnant or have you recently given birth? Or are you or your partner planning to fall pregnant one day!!?

Advanz Therapies stock a brand of compression shorts and leggings that are designed to help you remain comfortable whilst pregnant, and to assist and fast track your body’s recovery after the birth of your child – SRC Pregnancy or Recovery Shorts and Leggings.

The benefits of these products are recognised by most private health funds, who offer a rebate with the SRC range for their function as a medical compression that aids your recovery and health.


SRC Pregnancy range can be worn both day and night and are designed to be comfortable and supportive whilst worn during pregnancy only.

Features include:

  • Structural design that allows for your growing belly
  • Lower abdominal panel that supports your pelvis to support and protect your pregnant tummy
  • Gentle compression to improve muscle tone
  • Back panel to provide lower back support for conditions such as SIJ pain
  • Leg panels to support good venous return
  • Gusset panel to offer relief of or prevent pubic symphisis dysfunction and compression for vulva varicose veins
  • Comfortable design that can be worn under your clothes
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric


SRC Recovery range can be worn within a day or two of delivery for several weeks thereafter (or longer if desired). They provide support to a wounded or swollen area and can reduce swelling, pain and therefore assist in healing. They can also be worn both day and night.

Features include;

  • Reduce pain and increase pelvic and back support
  • Can improve mobility and pelvic muscle function
  • ‘Power mesh’ lining providing coss compression to abdominal, back and pelvic muscles which can help healing post-natally and a return to pre-pregnancy shape
  • Gentle medical compression to c-section or perineal wound areas
  • Comfortable design that can be worn under your clothes
  • Light-weight and breathable fabric

You know where to find us should you need us, or these shorts or leggings.


Emma Jackson, Physiotherapist