Moving Mums is a safe and efficient program designed for women who have given birth and are seeking guidance and support for their return to exercise. Program designed and delivered by Physiotherapist Emma Jackson for Advanz Therapies.

Pre-Assessment – 10 minute phone call discussing current condition, return to exercise program and answering any questions
Initial Assessment
Assessment of DRAM (abdominal separation)
Pelvic floor and transverse abdominis with Real-time ultrasound
Physical Assessment
Free SRC recovery short fitting
Home exercise program
1:1 Pilates session x 2
Introduction to the pilates method including both matwork and reformer pilates
We encourage mums to bring their babies
Small group pilates
Supervised training for post natal women in a small group (max 4 per class)
Exercise can help with the following;

Faster post-natal recovery
Increased fitness, weight loss, psychological well-being
Maintain BMI
Restore abdominal wall
Provide social interaction and support
Decreased risk of incontinence, stress and anxiety and post-natal depression
You can find Moving Mums at Advanz Therapies, 922 Anzac Parade, Maroubra.

Please call for enquiries on 02 8068 7161

This program has been designed by a physiotherapist and follows safe assessment and exercise prescription within world medical guidelines.