Are you experiencing headaches? This can have a significant impact on your life!

There are a number of causes of headaches, several of which we treat. The most important part of effective treatment of a headache is getting the correct diagnosis first!

In your assessment, we will ask you a number of questions and perform various tests to determine the type of headache you are experiencing and if physiotherapy is the most appropriate treatment.

There are 2 very common causes of headaches that we can effectively treat:

  1. Cervicogenic headache (headache related to the neck): This is a condition in which neck pain and dysfunction is responsible for headaches, due to poor communication between the neck, eyes and nerves of the face/head.
  2. Migraine: There are various types of migraine headaches, each with different causes. Dry needling and acupuncture, clinical Pilates, nutritional support and stress management strategies can all assist in resolving migraines.

At Advanz Health, our therapists are trained in assessing and effectively treating these conditions. Our unique approach to working with you includes:

  1. Comprehensive assessment to determine both the diagnosis and the root causes (we may use imaging/scans where necessary).
  2. Tests and measurements to ensure we monitor progress and improvements.
  3. Holistic view of your entire body, including posture, alignment, mobility, strength, sleep, stress, nutrition and your nervous system.
  4. Treatment plan that relieves pain and targets the root causes, including massage, joint manipulation, dry-needling, exercise programs (core strength, Pilates and movement retraining) and education. This plan will specifically target your individual goals.
  5. Ongoing prevention options through clinical Pilates and small-group exercise.

Our approach will get you better in the shortest timeframe and keep you better long-term. It is designed to make sure you avoid a life of suffering that requires long-term therapy and lifestyle changes, and instead gets you back to doing the things you love with a healthy body.