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PhysioForma classes



Advanz Health Pilates and reformer exercise classes are run by physiotherapists, ensuring you get specialised supervision and individualised advice during every session. Our group reformer classes are limited to 4 people, which guarantees you’ll receive lots of hands-on guidance, feedback and technique corrections.


Pilates is effective in improving:

  • Core strength
  • Posture
  • Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Spine and pelvic control
  • Aesthetics


 Reformer classes by Advanz Health 

Advanz PhysioForma classes are not your standard reformer pilates classes! 

  • Run by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists 
  • Small group classes (max 4 people) to ensure quality & safety 
  • Individualised and tailored to your body, skill level and goals 
PhysioForma Plans: No. of classes: Price:
Power Plan Unlimited classes $149*
Save $139/week
Transform Plan 3/week $99*
Save $45/week
Revamp Plan 2/week $75*
Save $21/week
Preserve Plan 1/week $39*
Save $9/week
Flexi Pack 10-pack with
6month expiry
Save $4.50/week
PhysioForma top-up Single class $48

*Prices are for 12-month memberships. For 3-month and 6-month pricing, contact our admin team.
Health fund rebates available 

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