It’s been somewhat of a hard year for the Waverley College Rugby boys. A loss of some staff members at the beginning of the year who have been in the past integral in the coaching of the 1sts and 2nds Rugby teams and the loss of some stand out players from the previous year 12 group of 2013 have definitely made for a more difficult start to this years season. The expectations consequent to these changes were that the boys would struggle to win any games this year, especially against the might of some of the stronger Rugby schools like Barker and Knox college.

Adding to an already hectic schedule running School sport for Waverley College as sports master, Steve O’Donell took on the job as head coach with the help of Mr Maloney. The year began as expected with some heavy losses in the opening rounds, but with some great coaching and spirit building, the boys have grown in both character and skill. Consequently the 1sts have had good wins over the most powerful Barker and Knox college. An unexpected and brilliant result for the boys!

Coming home with a wet sail the boys unfortunately went down last week in an injury cluttered game, which they dominated early and almost hung on to win despite multiple substitutions due  to injury. Still showing that they have more in them, I’m sure the boys wish the season could just go on a little longer. The season though only has one week remaining.

We wish the boys the best in their final game this week!

We are super proud of you all (in all grades) and we are proud to be a part of the team!

2015 is looking like a great year!