Introducing Peta Carige – Sports Dietition

/Introducing Peta Carige – Sports Dietition

Introducing Peta Carige – Sports Dietition

Peta is currently helping Advanz Therapies in the athletic development of students from Waverley College by supplying essential dietary advice and eating programs.

Peta is highly skilled and experienced in the field of sports dietetics and we thank her for her help with our endeavours to promote better health and performance!

Below is a bit more about Peta.


Peta Caimagesrige (APD, Accredited Sports Dietitian)
Peta has a strong background in sports nutrition and has worked with several different elite teams including Brisbane Broncos, Australian Rugby Union development, Queensland Academy of Sports football, waterpolo and sailing, Newcastle Knights and the Newcastle Jets. She is therefore equipped to assist with all aspects of sports nutrition including;

– Adolescent athlete nutrition requirements
– Body composition changes (muscle gain, body fat loss)
– Performance nutrition for competitions and races
– Supplement optimisation
– Injury management and rehabilitation nutrition programs

In addition to this Peta has worked in a Tertiary hospital and private practice and is therefore passionate about helping people achieve their weight loss goals in a manner that is safe and supportive of long term success. Clinically, she specialises in:
– Weight loss for women, especially post-menopause
– Type 1 and 2 diabetes
– Food allergies including irritable bowel syndrome and coeliac disease.
– Cardiovascular disease including hypertension.

Peta’s personal background is in team sport, and she trains competitively for touch football and the odd half marathon so understands as a female the importance of juggling sport and training goals with her love of fine food and the odd glass of wine.

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