Introducing Chloe Hammersley

/Introducing Chloe Hammersley

Introducing Chloe Hammersley

chloeOne of our lead Pilates teachers, Chloe is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing member of our staff!! If you have not experienced a Pilates class with Chloe yet, you are missing out!

Chloe Hamersley completed her Physiotherapy degree in Perth at Curtin University in 2006. After gaining experience in a highly regarded sports physiotherapy clinic her mentor suggested she start the intensive Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation course. She moved to Melbourne to work alongside physio-pilates gurus who teach rehabilitation pilates worldwide to specialising physiotherapists.

Over the years that she worked at this clinic, she was exposed to marathon runners, dancers, tennis stars (including Venus Williams), Carlton and Richmond AFL players and AIS swimmers and rowers. She was also working alongside a well known women’s health specialist and was inspired to continue further studies into pilates for women, specifically pre and post natal.

Chloe moved to Sydney three years ago where she runs her own business and is excited to join the team at Advanz Therapies clinic. She will be teaching private rehabilitation sessions as well as group classes. All her sessions are structured to meet the individuals needs, focussing on problem areas and working with muscle slings to provide stability and flexibility.

If you haven’t already, come in and meet Chloe!Chloe

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