Calf strains are very common injuries and are seen often in the athletic population during sporting events. When we think of a calf we just think of the big bulk of muscle on the back of our shins, but it is actually comprised of 3 separate muscles (the gastrocnemius, soleus and plantaris). These 3 muscles all connect and form the Achilles tendon.


Did you know? Calf strains are the most popular soft tissue injury in AFL. There are approximately 3 calf strains per club per year!

How does a calf strain occur?

Calf muscle strains generally occur when you’re running at top speed or have made an increase in your running load. Other ways they can occur is when you’re stopping and starting during a run as well as when you fatigue during a sports game.

The location and type of strain is dependent on the movement that caused it and your physio will work this out for you. Since there are 3 muscles in the calf, it is very important that your Physiotherapist accurately diagnose the location and type of strain. As each muscle has different roles, knowing which muscle has been strained will let you know how long the rehab process will go for. In turn, this will enable you to have the best recovery possible and prevent long-term issues and recurrences.  

If you or anyone are suffering from a calf strain, come into the clinic to get assessed by a health professional today. It is important to rehabilitate this injury to prevent recurrences and to get back to what you love to do as soon as possible.


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